This skills workshop will cover the basics of mark and reward training.  We will help you to make sure your dog is learning those cues and not just following food!


Who - for anyone who wants to be clear on helping them reward their dog for good choices

Why - it's easier than telling them no when they get it wrong!

Where - learning where the best position to reward your dog is to maximise the chance of repeat behaviours

What - by using a marker word/visual signal/audible sound (ie Yes!, thumbs up, Click!)

When - learning when to use that marker, when to deliver that reward, and how to make it the ultimate reward for your dog!


This is a fun workshop, designed to build on your friendship with your dog and help both dog and handler to communicate better. 


This is a class for dogs who are able to engage with their owners, and not get worried in the company of other dogs/people.  


Clickers and rewards will be provided but please do bring your own if your dog has any allergeries or specific likes! 

Mark & Reward Masterclass