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Providing Enrichment with Imanjenation


I am David Brien and have owned or been owned by dogs all my life!  From puppies to rescues I have shared my home with many different breeds and characters.

Imanje Pet Services was registered in 2016, along with my partner who is also a dog trainer and runs her own company – Avril Young Dog Training. However, you will still see Avril out and about walking as part of the Imanje PS Gang.

My focus has always been to have fun and provide enrichment and safety for the dogs that I walk, whether in groups or by themselves.


I work hard to get to know the dogs that I walk, and make sure that they are matched to friends in a group that take personalities, play styles and learning stages into account.  Even in small groups, this can be a challenge.


I adopt a no force, fear or pain approach with my own dogs and will do the same with your dog(s).

We are insured for walking and transporting your dog in our custom built vans, to always ensure the safety of your dogs.


Providing a safe environment where your dog can learn, grow, and find enrichment is our priority.


If you need help with training, click on Avril's logo below to be taken to her website.

As standard, we offer:
  • Free initial meeting to get to know you and your dog
  • Safe storage of house keys and we do not have any recognisable information on them. Key collection is free of charge
  • Free return of your keys, should your contract end for whatever reason
  • Police Scotland checked 
  • Fully insured for walking, training, travel, and vehicles 
  • Canine First Aid trained 
  • Custom designed van cages with one dog per cage to ensure your dog’s safety when travelling 
  • Fully comprehensive mutually agreed contract (between Imanje and Client)
Dog Walking.jpeg

Group Walks

Weekday - £16
Weekend - £23

One hour walking with friends, to include drying time, feeding time, refresh water.  Any travel will be added outwith walk time at no extra charge.

To ensure your dog is given the best of attention, while learning and practicing only appropriate play, we walk small groups of suitably matched dogs. Age, stage, energy levels and personal characteristics are all taken into consideration when we match our dogs.  We ask only that each dog has good manners, a near perfect recall, can walk with others on a nice loose lead and has no lead frustration. Contact Us to discuss your dog's needs.

* Additional dogs from the same house will be charged at a rate of £10 per walk/visit

solo walk.jpg

Solo Walks

Weekday - £20
Weekend - £27

One hour solo walking, games, to include drying time, feeding time, refresh water. Any travel time would be added at no extra cost. This will also include some basic training to keep your dog safe and as stress free as possible when on walks.

With years of personal and professional experience working with reactive dogs, we are fully able and willing to walk dogs on their own, away from situations that will cause them to over react or become upset. These walks are for any dog who doesn't like company, is not able to run about safely in company, need some time alone for medical reasons, are too young to be over exercised, or indeed, react inappropriately to other dogs. Contact us to discuss your dog's needs.

* Additional dogs from the same house will be charged at a rate of £10 per walk/visit

puppy visits

Puppy Visits

Half Hour Visit - £16.50
2 x Half Hour Visits - £30

A special package of two 30 minute visits over the day.  Each visit will consist of 30 minutes where toileting, playing, some basic training and feeding will be undertaken. Note travel will not be included in these visits until puppy is ready to join group walks.

It is imperative that your puppy is not over exercised during their growing stage, and our puppy visits are designed to ensure that they have toilet time, some mental enrichment games and enough time to settle before we leave them again.   During our visits, we will introduce puppy to the van, help with some basic training to help with every day things like standing still to have a harness put on, be dried, etc or to wait to be asked in and out of the van.  Manners are important for when they are old enough to join a group walk. Contact us to discuss your dog's needs.

* Additional dogs from the same house will be charged at a rate of £10 per walk/visit

Don't just hear it from us, read what our customers' say.....

"Avril and David have helped us with our boys for quite a few years now. They are fantastic with them, incredibly reliable and knowledgeable. I trust them implicitly!"
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