What is Enrichment?

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It is important that our animals have a balance of mental as well as physical enrichment.  Think of it as you doing a crossword puzzle to keep your grey cells working!

When we come to visit your animals, we will play species appropriate games.  For example, dogs love sniffing so we will play find it on walks or hide treats around the garden to let them find, we will provide a snuffle mat to play with, puzzle games to test their problem solving skills and generally taking them to places that they can use their senses.

A simple box full of scrunched up paper and hidden treats can keep your pet amused for ages!  

Along with mental stimulation, we will encourage appropriate play and ensure that no animal is left overstimulated before we leave - we like to leave tired, calm dogs after our walks so there is less change of chewing or mischief making!

We highly recomment that a kong is given to your dog when we leave (frozen or not) which encourages licking and gives them something to do while they settle down till you get home (licking is a southing activity for dogs).

When puppies or reactive dogs are with us, we will work with you to do any training you are working on and keep them as stress free on their walks/visits as possible.

It is important to remember that enrichment is not about how difficult you can make a game, and you must be careful not to make things too difficult so that the dog becomes disinterested and also that the games to not over arouse your dog - both of which are no longer enrichment!