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We offer general training for some of those behaviours that you find hard to live with in your adult dogs.

For example:

- pulling on a lead

- not coming back when called

- not listening to cues in general

- can't settle while you eat/watch telly/in general

- jumping up.


These behaviours don't always need a full course.


We will provide a block of 3 in person sessions (over 6 weeks) and give you written notes and video guidance within your bespoke training plan. You will have a "trainer on tap" for the duration of the course (times will be agreed), and we will support you and your dog through the learning process.


Our aim is to help YOU train alternative (more appropriate) behaviours.

Investment in your dogs' learning £350 (travel costs are included for within our area)

Please note this does not include Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Resource Guarding as these are very specific behaviours that need time and support from a team of professionals.  We are happy to recommend behaviourists who will work with you on these.  We will only work on a maximum of 2 behaviours during this package.

Don't just hear it from us, read what our customers' say.....

" Avril is brilliant! She is calm, patient, she listens and makes sense. Her tips for us managing our wee whippet baby were excellent and helped right away. We are moving home and she went to the trouble of trying to find out about ongoing training for us at our request in our new city! If you need help with training- go with Avril!" 
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